Horror Film Thing in the Shed Returns to Film Festivals

thing in the shed film festivalMike Lyddon’s short horror film THING IN THE SHED is returning to the festival circuit for a short while in conjunction with the new horror anthology book MONSTER PARTY which contains Lyddon’s adaptation of the same story.
The indie film will be playing in Short Block #2 at the 2020 Days of the Dead horror convention in Atlanta, Ga.  Reels of the Dead, which is the film festival wing of the show, will be hosting the film early Saturday afternoon.

Thing in the Shed was originally part of Horror Anthology Movie Volume One, and is available on DVD HERE.  The anthology was filmed in various locations in Louisiana, Mississippi, and New York.

Monster Party is now available on Amazon and Indiebound Books and contains the short story “Thing in the Shed.”

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Nola Filmmaker Releases Peruvian Horror Anthology Movie

peruvian horror anthology movie cuentos de la brujaMike Lyddon, known for a string of low budget indie genre films shot in and around New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, has recently released a new film made in Peru onto the film festival circuit for 2019.
Cuentos de la Bruja aka Witch Tales (2019) is a feature length horror anthology movie made entirely in Lima, Peru.
More than mid-way through the fest season, the movie has been in 7 film festivals and has picked up 5 awards including Best Feature Film and Best Make-Up Effects at Something Wicked Film Festival in Atlanta, and Best B-Movie and Best Horror Film and Flicks Film Festival in London.
Watch the latest horror trailer for Cuentos de la Bruja on the Halloween Daily News YT channel.

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Sci-Fi Comedy Makes Top Indie Films List

incredible indie films for 2016Reel Progress LLC is pleased to announce that “First Man on Mars,” the new feature length sci-fi comedy by Mike Lyddon has made Philip Smolen’s annual list of eight incredible indie films of 2016 on the popular film site Rogue Cinema.
“I am thrilled that First Man on Mars made the list,” said Lyddon, “but even more amazed that it made a top list of all indie films of 2016, not just genre movies.  It’s rare when any horror or science fiction film goes up against mainstream flicks and I’m proud that my little Martian opus made the grade.”

If you want to know more about First Man on Mars and Mike Lyddon, visit the IMDB page.

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New Orleans Films of Mike Lyddon

New Orleans horror sci-fi films of Mike Lyddon

Mike Lyddon in Lima, Peru with Tomas

Genre filmmaker Mike T. Lyddon has been making no-budget science fiction – horror features for the last 25 years.  Beginning back in 1993 with the New Orleans crime thriller CUT UP (1994) up to his last film FIRST MAN ON MARS (2016), Lyddon has managed to craft a small but enduring legacy in the big easy which culminated in last year’s LOUP GAROU Film Festival which showcased FIRST MAN ON MARS as well as an earlier film ZOMBIE! vs. MARDI GRAS Lyddon co-wrote, produced and directed in addition to a short film which was part of the Lyddon production of HORROR ANTHOLOGY MOVIE VOL. 1.
“I had no connection with the festival, but all three films ended up in it.”  Lyddon said recently.  “It was a real kick seeing three productions of mine at one film festival.”

Click HERE to read the new interview with Mike Lyddon in the January edition of ROGUE CINEMA!



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Loup Garou at Bar Redux

bar redux loup garou film festivalBar Redux in New Orleans, La., is hosting the Loup Garou Sci-Fi and Horror Film Festival from October 21st through the 23rd.
Included on the three day schedule is First Man on Mars (2016), the latest feature film by indy filmmaker Mike T. Lyddon.
On Saturday, you can catch Zombie! Vs. Mardi Gras (1995) which was co-written, produced and directed by Lyddon.
On Sunday, don’t miss the amazing FEAST trilogy!  FEAST was the first film done through Ben Affleck’s Project Greenlight show, and we highly recommend the first film and the third film from this trilogy.

Find more info on the festival on the Facebook page or from the official Bar Redux website.

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First Man on Mars Movie Trailer

First Man on Mars (2016) science fiction comedy trailer on Vimeo!
This new horror comedy from Mike T. Lyddon and Reel Progress LLC now available on DVD at AMAZON!
Horror Buzz calls First Man on Mars a Great Sci-Fi Throwback and a love letter to classic sci-fi horror B-movies from writer/director/producer Mike T. Lyddon.

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Horror Comedy First Man on Mars

movie poster first man on marsFirst Man on Mars (2016)
Billionaire astronaut Eli Cologne became the first man to land on Mars.  After his hopes of getting even richer by finding and claiming the rights to valuable mineral deposits are dashed, he finds what he thinks is gold, but he is horribly mistaken.  He is infected by an alien spore and returns to earth a mutated, blood thirsty creature hell bent on murder and destruction in this satirical homage to 1970’s drive-in creature features produced and directed by Mike T. Lyddon.

Shot on location in Louisiana and a ghost town in Mississippi located near Stennis Space center where actual Nasa rockets were constructed.

Click Here to visit the official movie page and buy FIRST MAN ON MARS, now on DVD.

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Creepers Movie Review

creepers horror anthology movie reviewCreepers Movie Review
Excerpts from Denver Johnson’s “31 Days of Horror.”
“Christian Walker adapts Lafcadio Hearn’s short story Of A Promise Broken, and he transforms it into a very moody, melancholy ghost story.Like every other short here, it’s damn well shot, well acted, and while not my favorite of the shorts, it creates a great mood.

Jeremiah Kipp, a director I’ve really been admiring lately, adapts Edgar Allan Poe’s Bernice, and gives the macabre story his usual arthouse bent. It’s another short that favors mood over shock, although it does have a pretty nasty final shot.

Gregory Lamberson, the warped genius behind the Slime City films, gives us Gave Up The Ghost, from author Jeff Strand. This short was hilarious, and worth the price of admission alone.

Finally, like every good anthology, the best is saved for last. Mike T. Lyddon gives us Joe Lansdale’s By The Hair of the Head. Lansdale is such a brilliant writer, and this film does for evil dolls what Annabelle only wishes it could. This was a stylish little piece, and the true highlight of the set.”

Vist the Creepers official website for more information.

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Creepers Horror Anthology Movie Vol. 2

Creepers film reviewCreepers Horror Anthology Movie Vol. 2 (2014)
A new horror anthology film with two stories from contemporary horror writers Joe R. Lansdale (Bubba Ho-Tep, Cold in July) and Jeff Strand (Pressure, Dead Clown Barbecue) and two classic tales of terror from Lafcadio Hearn and Edgar Allan Poe, Creepers promotes the idea that the best horror comes from a well written story.
The directors include author and filmmaker Gregory Lamberson, Jeremiah Kipp, Christian Walker and Mike T. Lyddon.

This film was shot in New Orleans, Mobile, Ala., and New York.
It is now available as a limited, numbered edition blu-ray.

For more information visit the official Creepers website.

Buy direct from Amazon HERE.

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Horror Anthology Movie Volume One

Horror Anthology Movie volume oneHorror Anthology Movie – 2013
Released October 30th, 2013, this brand new collection of 6 original tales of terror is now available on DVD and for rent on Vimeo.
Shot in Louisiana and Mississippi, the indie horror film Horror Anthology Movie Volume One stars Christian Walker (Live Animals), Cherie Roberts (The Lookalike) and Ben Matheny (American Horror Story: Coven).
Produced by Mike T. Lyddon and featuring segments written and directed by Mike T. Lyddon, Jeff Hollins, Will Frank and Karl DeMolay.

Click Here to buy the DVD or rent the movie online.

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